A new direction

It’s been far too long since I did any sort of proper update around here. Today that changes… slightly.

I’ve neglected this space that I actually pay to own so I thought it’s about time I re-think why I want to have it at all – not just because having my name as a website is fun but what do I want to post online that others may read or find interesting.

My wife and I are leaving Australia in the next week. We’ve been here over 2 years and it’s been amazing. There are countless people and experiences that I genuinely thank God for everyday. With leaving Australia our next season in life begins.

There is some exciting news but at the moment things are still in the ‘organising’ phase so I’m not going to share it just yet – announcement soon!

With a new season – I’m changing my focus on here. Instead of me just posting random things once every year, I’m going to try and show my learning journey. This next step will bring many challenges with it and it’s incredible where we’re heading, but it will come with challenges, new environments, work places, houses, cities, people, technical bits and bobs.

My plan is to document what the challenge is, and how we made it through. Simple.

I’ve recently worked on the most technically challenging editing project I have ever had the privilege of working on so I may start there in the coming weeks.

Well there we go. Let’s see what happens.